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New Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Demo Has the Konami Code

Use the code to access the new "Hunters" controls. Full details on the demo and its changes, here.


The new Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker demo is about to become available for download. Actually, make that "Dawn Lode." Hideo Kojima calls it a "Dawn Load" because once people play it and share their feedback with Kojima Productions, Peace Walker will see its dawn... or something like that.

In the latest post at the Kojima Productions blog, after taking a bit to explain why the post has the title "Dawn Load," Kojima detailed the new demo and its new control scheme.

First, a few of the smaller changes that you'll find in the demo.

Some people apparently complained that the enemy units you encounter in the jungle are hard to see because of their camoflauge . So, for the new demo, they switched the enemy clothing to orange.

The change in enemy uniforms.

Kojima admits that there was some staff opposition to this.

The CQC (close quarters combat) controls have changed a bit, as people complained that when trying to do CQC, you ended up making your character roll. The new rolling controls require you to push the button a bit, then let go.

Some players complained that making just a little noise while trying to sneak up on an enemy made the enemy turn around instantly and become alerted. They've now made it so that the enemy makes a surprised animation before turning around to see the player. This will give you a bit of time to make use of CQC to take out the enemy before he actually sees you.

You'll have time to react to an enemy reacting to you.

The new demo has a bunch of these kind of small changes which Kojima says many probably will not notice.

There are also some experimental changes. The "CQC Pitan" system is an example. When you grab an enemy using CQC and toss him at a wall, the enemy freezes in the air momentarily upon striking the wall. This is being done in order to make players better understand that doing this results in double damage, once when hitting the wall and once when hiting the ground.

Pitan! I'm not sure, but I think that's supposed to be the sound of an enemy striking the wall.

This system is experimental, says Kojima, because it's somewhat incomplete. The were unable to prepare in time the data for determining collisions, and so even if you toss an enemy at a small object, the enemy will still freeze a bit in mid air. This will be fixed for the final.

Finally, the new control scheme. It's called Hunters Type, and Kojima admitted that it was made with Capcom's Monter Hunter series in mind. In fact, Kojima Productions actually got Capcom's permission!

To get the control scheme, you'll have to input a secret code. During a mission, press start to open the menu window, and move the cursor to the "詳細マップ" (Details Map). Then, input up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, x, and circle. That's right, it's the Konami code!

Accessing the new control scheme.

Kojima didn't share specifics on the control scheme. For that, you'll have to download the demo for yourself. It's set to hit PSN and the Peace Walker official site some time tomorrow.

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