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Wii Final Fantasy Gets Big Advertising

XIII? Nope! Square Enix pushes Crystal Bearers in central Tokyo.


There's a Final Fantasy game taking up prime advertising space in central Tokyo right now. Surprisingly, it's not Final Fantasy XIII!

Exit Shibuya Station, and you'll likely see this:

That's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers being pushed on the side of the famous Q Front building (the one housing the Tsutaya and Starbucks).

Layle is on the other side of the building too.

Looks like Square Enix is giving its Nintendo-only offshoot of the Final Fantasy series somewhat of a push.

Personally, I like seeing Shibuya (my current home town) filled with game-related signs. Turn to the left of this building, and you'll see this:

Bayonetta will be on 109 for just a few more days. Hopefully another game publisher managed to snatch up the ad spot!

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