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Iwata Mentions Next Gen Hardware

Nintendo CEO hints at HD visuals and promises overseas support for Dragon Quest IX.


It looks like Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has managed to make a mention, in some capacity, about Nintendo's next generation console to follow Wii.

Inside Games posted its regular Morning Edition Check column today. This daily column summarizes game-related stories from morning financial papers.

One of the recaps is from today's Nikkei Industrial Daily, which has an article about last week's Nintendo earnings report. During the briefing, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata apparently touched upon the specifications of Nintendo's next generation console, indicating that the console would likely make use of HD visuals.

Yes, I'm aware this is all extremely vague. What you're reading here is a summary of a summary of what was probably a vaguely written article in the first place. If I manage to get my hands on the paper, I'll post a more detailed summary. Alternatively, it's possible that the Nikkei article sourced the Q&A section of the briefing, which Nintendo will likely post in full to its official site some time this week.

The Inside recap also mentions that Iwata promised to lend Nintendo's full backing to the overseas release of Dragon Quest IX. He did not share specifics, but this is something Nintendo has indicated in the past.

DQIX has already sold 4 million copies here in Japan, but the series has in the past been far less successful in overseas markets.

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