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These Are Capcom's Million Sellers

Bet Resident Evil 5 could dethrone Street Fighter II if Capcom were to release a Wii version.


Capcom's always follows up its earnings reports with updated lists detailing its million selling titles and the total sales figures for its various franchises. Today was the big day at the Capcom IR page. Here's a summary of the data, which is current as of September 30.

Resident Evil has been Capcom's top selling series for some time now. That didn't change over the past quarter. Street Fighter and Mega Man are both tied for second, with Monster Hunter continuing to shoot up the charts but still a ways off.

Here's the full list of Capcom series sales:

  • Resident Evil: 42 million across 58 titles
  • Street Fighter: 28 million across 63 titles
  • Mega Man: 28 million across 125 titles
  • Monster Hunter: 11 million across 13 titles
  • Devil May Cry: 10 million across 13 titles
  • Onimusha: 7.8 million across 12 titles
  • Dino Crisis: 4.4 million across 13 titles
  • Ghosts 'n Goblins: 4.4 million across 16 titles
  • Phoenix Wright (includes Investigations): 3.7 million across 13 titles
  • Final Fight: 3.2 million across 10 titles
  • Breath of Fire: 3 million across 15 titles
  • Lost Planet: 2.7 million across 7 titles
  • Sengoku Basara: 1.5 million across 12 titles
  • Commando: 1.2 million across 2 titles
  • 1942: 1.2 million across 3 titles

A bit of division tells us that Monster Hunter is currently Capcom's most successful series based off sales per SKU. Of course, Resident Evil has had its sales diluted through many, many remakes, so it's not really a fair comparison.

The million sellers title list still has Super Famicom's Street Fighter II at the top with 6.3 million sales. Resident Evil 5 now takes second with 5.2 million. Put that game on Wii Capcom, and you could end up making headlines!

Older titles follow through 6th place, which Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G has taken with its 3 million sales. I'm pretty certain MHP2ndG is at 3.5 million by now, so it should have overtaken 5th place.

Other notable placers on the million list are Street Fighter IV in 8th with 2.7 million and Devil May Cry 4 in 9th with 2.4 million. Resident Evil 4 Wii edition and Resident Evil 4 on GameCube both have 1.6 million sales. Monster Hunter 3 made it in at 41 with 1.1 million sales.

See Capcom's IR page for full English versions of these lists.

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