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Enterbrain Shares PSP go First Day Sales

How many units of the download-only portable did Sony shift on day one?

Major retailers, like this Bic Camera in central Tokyo, gave PSP go a big push outside their store fronts on launch day.

Tomorrow is a holiday here in Japan, so there was some concern that Famitsu would be delayed in getting its flash sales figures out for PSP go's launch. But the number crunches apparently crunched hard and fast, and Famitsu.com was able to deliver the figures today, just one day after the system hit retail.

Based off data from Famitsu parent company Enterbrain, PSP go sold 28,275 units on its first day of sales. The system's arrival date of Sunday was the last day in Enterbrain's weekly tracking period.

Sony and its third parties backed the PSP go's launch with retail and download titles like Persona 3 Portable and Dissidia Final Fantasy Universal Tuning, along with download-only titles like Disgaea Infinite and LocoRoco Midnight Carnival. You can see a full lineup of releases, including newly released downloadable versions of older titles, in the PSP release calendar.

Total domestic pre-go sales for the PSP, spanning December 2, 2004 through October 25, 2009, stood at 12,797,180 units, Famitsu.com also reports.

Comparing the PSP go's sales with other systems is a bit tough, as a Sunday launch is extremely rare. It's more common for a hardware revision or new system to launch on a Saturday.

DSi sold 170,000 units back at its launch in November of last year. That was a two day sales period. The last PSP hardware revision, PSP-3000, sold a little over 140,000 in its first four days in October of last year.

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