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From Gives Link Character Data to 3D Dot Game Heroes Players

Don't tell Nintendo!


3D Dot Game Heroes is a self admitted rip on Zelda, down to the scrolling system, dungeon design, and selection of sub weapons. The main exception is the game's default set of main characters, none of whom look anything like Zelda hero Link:

Of course, using the game's character edit mode, it's easy to make your own take on Link, as some already have. But you won't even have to go that far to get the classic Nintendo hero in the game. From has already done the work for you.

As detailed at Hachimaki, some 2channel posters received a special bonus disc when purchasing 3D Dot Game Heroes from Yodobashi Camera today. The disc includes limited edition character data files, which can be easily copied over to your PS3 and imported into the game.

Included on the disc are some of the characters that From made available at the official site today, along with such characters as "Box Man," "White Thing," "Tank," and "Dracula."

The disc also includes "Midori Boushi," or "Green Hat." Load this up, and you get this:

At least they didn't call it Link, eh?

Now I wonder if Box Man is Solid Snake...

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