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This is the First Final Fantasy XIII Guide Book

Square Enix releasing guide book before game hits!


Recent book rankings from Oricon hopefully convinced you that game guides are big business. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, to learn that Square Enix is anxious to get a guide out for Final Fantasy XIII. So anxious, in fact, that it will be releasing a guide before the game!

A listing at the Square Enix online shop reveals Final Fantasy XIII World Preview, a guide book that hits on December 10, one week before FFXIII's release. This official ¥800 size AB book includes 160 pages detailing the characters, battle system and other bits of information that you might want to know before you pop in the Blu-ray. The book also promises messages from the game's development staff.

A bit more mysteriously, the listing promises a preview of the Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Promise novel. As far as I know, this is the same novel that Square Enix has been sharing online via the FFXIII official site. Perhaps a print release is on the way as well.

The Square Enix shop also posted a listing today for the previously announced Final Fantasy XIII Post Card Book. This set includes 24 post cards featuring various illustrations, along with 7 color character introduction pages. It also seems that the set will have a cover page featuring English translations of major character lines.

The Post Card Book will sell for ¥1,260 and see release on December 17, opposite FFXIII itself.

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