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Developer Says Xbox 360 3D Dot Game Heroes Possible

Plus, how much does From Software know about those Zelda references?

Misawa is to the right.

Don't give up hope just yet on an Xbox 360 version of 3D Dot Game Heroes. It looks like the game's development studio, Silicon Studios, has nothing against porting the title over.

My Game Flash visited the studio last month and quizzed producer Hiroyuki Misawa on a number of issues, including the chance for a 360 version. Said Misawa of a possible port, "We can do it. Our libraries are multiplatform, so it would be possible to make it for 360." Asked if there are actually plans to release the game on 360, Misawa said, "It's up to From. We're a developer, so if there's a call to make it, I believe we can do it."

Elsewhere in the interview, Misawa revealed that the game's development staff numbered around 20 to 30 people, which is a figure they were able to achieve because they used their own middleware. Previously, it was revealed that the game's development time was extremely short. Misawa said that while they've managed to churn out 2D titles faster, this is probably the quickest turnaround time yet for one of their 3D games.

In other 3D Dot Game Heroes news, Gadget News recently posted a story about the game's similarities to Zelda. The site quizzed From on the issue, a conversation that went a little something like this:

Editorial Staff: There's some talk on the internet that it looks like The Legend of Zelda

From: Mm-hmm.

Editorial Staff: Did you receive permission from Nintendo.

From: Nope.

Editorial Staff: Not even a single call to Nintendo...?

From: We did nothing of the sort. We didn't tell Nintendo.

Editorial Staff: So it's like you were inspired by it, or an homage to it?

From: Yes, something like that.

Editorial Staff: Okay, I can accept that! Some shops were distributing bonus character data.

From: That's right.

Editorial Staff: There was a character who looked just like Zelda 1's Link in there. Is it Link?

From: No. It probably looks like it, but it's not.

Editorial Staff: Okay, I can accept that! Thank you.

I'm a bit disappointed that Gadget didn't try to contact Nintendo instead of From.

The official From-sanctioned Link lookalike. Its file name translates to Green Hat.

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