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Exploding Anime Breast Fighter Hits iPhone

Make that... exploding anime breast puzzler.


I like to call Ikki Tousen the "exploding anime breast fighter" because its cast of warriors are all anime chicks whose clothes disintegrating as they fight. The series has seen multiple PSP installments, but it's actually based off a like-themed anime that's known in the English world as Battle Vixens.

Now iPhone owners can get in on the fun -- with the anime chicks, but minus the disintegrating clothes, it seems. Gigno System Japan made available today Ikki Tousen GG Fifteen Puzzle, a puzzle game based off the franchise.

The panel puzzle game offers 3x3 and 4x4 puzzles playable in a free mode, which lacks time limits, and a time attack mode, which has time limits and is set up as a series of stages. Clear the time attack mode, and you'll unlock CG from the anime.

If the screens released by Gigno are any indication, the content is tame compared to the PSP fighters.

Ikki Tousen GG Fifteen Puzzle is available on the iPhone App Store for ¥350.

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