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Keroro RPG Teaser Site Opens

Holy crap! Namco Bandai is combining Tales with Sgt. Frog!


Guess what two franchises are teaming up. You probably won't believe it, but Namco Bandai is combining the Tales RPG series with the Keroro anime series, and...

What's that? You already know about Keroro RPG? You read about it in Famitsu (summarized here)? You saw the Famitsu.com video (streamable here)?

Well then... there's no reason to make a big fuss about the game's newly opened official site.

The site is currently in a teaser state, containing just the movie that Famitsu.com shared in advance yesterday. I'm pretty sure you can't click on anything -- not even the Keroro platoon members.

Also be sure and visit Famitsu.com for first screenshots of Keroro RPG. More than the video, the shots should convince you that the game really does use the Linear Motion Battle System.

The two shots to the right are of particular note. They show the game's support character system. During battle, you can tap panels on the bottom screen to bring out support characters who come to your assistance.

In its print story, Famitsu noted that the characters used here will be parodies of other characters. Can you recognize anyone?

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