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Namco Bandai Counting Down to New RPG

Yes, again.


Namco Bandai just finished up on its "New RPG Project K" countdown, revealing the Tales-inspired Keroro RPG. But there's more RPG on the way from the publisher!

Today, another countdown page appeared off the Namco Bandai official site. This one is counting down to a "New RPG" unveil in nine days.

The Project K page clued people to the Keroro connection due to the presence of symbols from a Keroro card game. This latest page could have a few hints as well. In addition to a strange pattern in the background, the URL contains the phrase "RPG_LOST."

This time, Namco Bandai didn't screw up and flag the page's link with a DS marker. The main Namco Bandai front page only confirms this to be a consumer game, meaning either console or portable, but not mobile, PC or arcade.

Keroro RPG's announcement was timed with the release of Famitsu, and sure enough details on the game first appeared in this week's Famitsu. The new game's announcement could be timed with the release of the next issue of V-Jump, which hits on the 21st.

From what I can see, V-Jump's preview page for the next issue does not contain any hints at a new game title.

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