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Now Prinny is Counting Down to Something

What will happen in 1,000 hours, after all the Prinnys have spoken?


Nippon Ichi's Prinny character has caught a severe case of the countdown fever (he probably caught it from Namco Bandai, which began its second countdown in as many weeks today). Visit the prinny.jp site and you'll see a message from the Disgaea mascot.

The message says that the Prinnys will be starting a 1,000 hour countdown on 11/13 (Friday) at 18:00. Every hour, one of the 1,000 Prinnys at the site will relay a message.

What kind of message? Apparently, they'll be passing along the messages that they receive from the 120 million Prinny fans throughout Japan. The message submissions will be accepted starting Friday at 18:00.

It's unclear what this will lead up to, though the message at the site notes that 1,000 hours leads right to around Christmas time. Perhaps we can expect a big Christmas announcement?

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