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Square Enix Promises More Final Fantasy Gaiden Shipments

Producer apologizes for sell outs of retro-styled RPG.


Were you aware that Square Enix's retro-styled RPG Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden is in short supply at retail? I certainly wasn't, but this does appear to be the case.

Producer Tomoya Asano made a post at the Four Warriors of Light blog admitting to the sellouts, and apologizing to those waiting for the game. He also promised more shipments towards the end of November.

Four Warriors of Light has been purposely made simple, giving it a retro gameplay taste.

Four Warriors of Light was one of the biggest releases last week, selling 114,714 units according to Media Create, and beaten only by the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta. This week, the game fell to 7th with 35,000 units.

If there are indeed shortages the game could end up seeing a sales burst in a few weeks.

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