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Dynamic Zan Gets a New Name; Wish Room Gets a Sequel

Nintendo quietly unveils early 2010 game plan.


Nintendo shared details today on two early 2010 titles today. Early sales leaker Sinobi passed along the information, so I presume this was part of a retailer announcement.

Wii owners can look forward to Zangeki Reginleiv. This action title from Earth Defense Force developer Sandlot was previously announced as Dynamic Zan. The game promises combat at the level of EDF, complete with flashy visual effects, along with high customization options allowing for over 300 weapon types. Players will be able to team up for four player cooperative play, all at no extra cost.

Old screenshots of Dynamic Zan from 2008.

Nintendo previously worked with Sandlot on the 2006 DS title Chou Soujyuu Mecha MG. This next collaboration will arrive on February 11.

Before that, DS owners can look forward to the January 14 release of Last Window: Late Night Promise. Developed by CING, this is a true sequel to DS's Wish Room: Tenshi no Kioku.

Last Window takes place in 1980s Los Angeles one year after the events of Wish Room. As players progress through the game, they slowly build up the Last Window novel.

Those who can't wait for more from CING may want to look into AGAIN FBI Shinri Sousakan, a DS adventure title that will be released by Tecmo on 12/10.

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