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Square Enix Announces Lufia Sequel

Revival of classic Taito Super NES RPG to be unveiled next week.


Square Enix will be tapping deep into the vault for an upcoming RPG release. Famitsu.com reports today that the company is planning new entry in the Estpolis series.

Taito originally released Estpolis Denki for the Super Famicom in June 1993. A North American Super Nintendo release followed later that year under the name Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.

According to Famitsu.com, the new game, to be titled Estpolis, is being produced by the same development staff as the original. Square Enix, which now owns Taito, will be serving as publisher.

Aside from that, the site provides no information on the game -- including a platform and release time frame.

The site promises a full unveiling of the new game in next week's issue of the print Famitsu (due out on November 19). Until then, you'll have to see if you can garner any hints from the first piece of artwork, viewable in the Famitsu.com story.

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