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Final Fantasy XIII Weapon System Revealed

Build up your weapons to make Lightning stronger and Snow more fashionable.

Lightning's sword will evolve as you play through FFXIII.

Square Enix keeps on finding new things to reveal for Final Fantasy XIII. Joining this week's full unveiling for the Crystarium System in Famitsu comes the latest update from Jump, covering the game's weapon system.

FFXIII lets you make modifications to your weapons. You do this by combining materials that enemies leave behind and that you find in treasure boxes. You'll find over 100 such materials in the game. Depending on your combinations, your weapons will rise in experience and become stronger.

The magazine provides examples of weapon evolution for two characters, Lightning and Snow.

Lightning starts off with her "Blaze Edge" sword. After modifications, this weapon will turn into the more powerful Slash Carbine. The two weapons look completely different.

As his "weapon," Snow uses a special coat that can up the status of its wearer. Make modifications to the coat, and in addition to growing more powerful, its color and patterns change.

As with the Crystarium System update from a couple of weeks back, Jump leaves out the details for the weapon modification system. For a closer look, we'll presumably have to wait for Famitsu either next week or the week after.

In addition to the weapon system, Jump provides a look this week at a new ruins area of Cocoon. This area is located deep beneath the ground. It houses a number of the freakish Shigai creatures. You'll recall that Shigai are what l'Cie become when they are unable to fulfill their assigned task.

Of greater note, it also appears that there's a fal'Cie in the underground.

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