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Zangeki Reginleiv Detailed

Motion Plus support and multiple player characters promised for violent Nintendo-published Wii action title.

This shot was released last year.

Nintendo hasn't been forthcoming with details on its upcoming Wii kill-all action title Zangeki Reginleiv, but retailers thankfully aren't being so shy. Neowing posted a listing for the game today, providing a few additional details above what leaked out last week.

As detailed last week, Zangeki Reginleiv is an original action title from Sandlot, makers of D3's well-received Earth Defense Force series. The game was first announced last year under the name Dynamic Zan (or Dynamic Slash) but disappeared off the radar until it resurfaced at what appears to have been a retailer briefing last week.

Based off the Neowing listing, it seems that Reginleiv will offer a mix of close and distant combat. When fighting the hoards of foes up close, you make use of your sword. Distant enemies area dealt with via magic.

The game promises huge stages as you face off against a race of "giant gods" who overwhelm you with both power and number. You'll have to clear a particular goal in order to advance to the next stage and advance the story. The retail listing is unclear on the nature of this goal. The wording suggests to me that it may be a target kill count rather than a more general mission objective.

Free online play could be one of the big selling points. Up to four players can meet in a lobby and head out for cooperative play. It seems that the enemies will also cooperate amongst themselves during co-op mode.

Multiplayer seems to be online-only, with offline play limited to one player. Unless the Neowing listing is incomplete, split screen play looks unlikely.

These are old screens from when the game was unveiled as Dynamic Zan last year.

The spec section of the retail listing includes support for Wii Motion Plus and Classic Controller Pro. For the motion control side of things, the game will allow for direct hack and slash play.

The listing also mentions the availability of two playable characters. They're named Fray and Fraya. In addition to unique attacks, they have access to different weapons. The game game promises over 300 weapons.

Nintendo's first D-rated (17-and-up) Japanese Wii release arrives on February 11. It's priced at ¥6,800 which is about ¥1,000 higher than most Nintendo releases.

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