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Falcom Planning Something for Next Week's Dengeki PlayStation

Will Legend of Heroes 7 finally see a formal unveiling? Plus, guess what famous Nintendo developer had great praise for Ys Seven?

Image from the Sora no Kiseki manga.

Newly registered member Yuan pointed my attention today to the staff page at Falcom's official site. It appears that the publisher of Ys has something planned for the upcoming issue of Dengeki PlayStation.

The post, written by Dogimasshigura, is mostly focused on an interview with the voice cast of a Sora no Kiseki drama CD. But at the very bottom, the post says something to the effect of "●△×■ will be posted in the issue of Dengeki PS that's due out on 11/27... ehhhhhhh!?"

Is this a game announcement, perhaps the long awaited formal announcement of Legend of Heroes 7? Or perhaps we'll get something smaller, just for the Falcom fans.

We'll find out when the next Dengeki PlayStation hits on the 27th! Just for reference, the small preview of the 11/27 issue contained in the issue released on 11/13 has no hints about a Falcom unveil.

Elsewhere in the post, the writer says how excited he is about Ys 7 having been mentioned in a recent issue of Famitsu. Kirby and Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai had great praise for the game in his weekly "Think about the Video Games" column from issue 1092. Masahiro, having recently cleared both Ys Seven and Uncharted 2, remarked that while both games have different forms of enjoyment, he was sucked in by both.

I bet Sakurai will be picking up the next issue of Dengeki PlayStation to see what's up at Falcom!

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