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This Monster Hunter Pillow Has Legs and a Mouth

Latest Monster Hunter item has no place in your bed.


The latest Monster Hunter item has no place on your bed.

Think you could sleep on this?

It's even creepier in red!

These pillows are based off Monster Hunter's Furu Furu monster. The pillow replicates the monster's mouth, feet, sucker, and wings.

Capcom's press release announcing the product notes that the popular Furu Furu monster is considered "cute" by many due to its unique design.

The pillow measures 105cm in length and 28cm in diameter. It seems to be pretty well thought out as far as pillow "functionality" goes. An easily washable cover can be attached to the area near the mouth, which Capcom says is most likely to get dirty (hmm...). The mouth functions as a pocket, presumably for placing your knife or other weapon of choice.

Red and white versions of the pillow will be available in late January, priced at ¥9,240 each.

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