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No More Heroes Set for PS3, Xbox 360

Original Wii title getting the HD treatment in sexy cherry and sweet mango flavors.

Main character Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes 2. The sequel has only been announced for Wii.

Marvelous said earlier this year that it was looking into releasing PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of some of its Wii properties. It looks like No More Heroes will be the first title to see the HD remake treatment.

This week's Famitsu reveals No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise, a PS3 and Xbox 360 remake of the original 2007 No More Heroes title. In addition to updated visuals, the remake includes Japanese language voiceovers, selectable alongside the the English voiceovers of the original.

HD gamers also have a new unlockable mode to look forward to. Known as "Very Sweet Mode, this mode changes all the female characters' costumes into sexy form -- skimpy bathing suits, cheerleader outfits, and so-forth. The girls appear in this form during both gameplay and non gameplay sequences.

The game will also see control changes -- expected since there's no more Wiimote. While not providing specifics, Famitsu says to expect a better feel of action. Details will be shared in a future update.

This HD remake of No More Heroes will arrive on February 25, priced at ¥5,800 -- a couple of thousand yen lower than most high profile third party titles.

Marvelous will be including an "Erotica Portrait" bonus item for those who pre-order. This collection of sexy portraits will differ depending on your platform. PS3 owners will get "Sexy Cherry" flavor. Xbox 360 buyers will get "Sweet Mango" flavor.

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