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Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition Detailed

There's a whole lot more to the new version of RE5 than just an extra scenario and motion controls.

An older screenshot showing the Lost in Nightmares episode.

Think Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition is just RE5 with motion controls and an extra scenario? Think again! This week's Famitsu has a sweet two page spread on the game, providing details on some additional features.

Announced back at the Tokyo Game Show, Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition is a new PlayStation 3 take on on the quintuple platinum RE5. As announced at the show, the game features motion controls through Sony's upcoming wand device (which still doesn't have a final name) and a new Lost in Nightmares scenario, which puts players in control of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield in a gameplay sequence that's said to resemble something out of the original RE game. It also includes all the currently available RE5 download content on the disk.

There's a whole lot more to the package than just those three features, though, as revealed in this week's issue.

Capcom is readying an updated Mercenaries mode. Titled "The Mercenaries Reunion," this mode has the same rules as the original version, but lets you play as previously unusable characters.

Players can look forward to new costumes for use in the Mercenaries Mode. The magazine has a look at one new costume each for Sheva and Chris. Sheva's "Folklore" costume puts a maroon hood on the heroine. Chris's "Warrior" outfit gives our hero a wild look, with sunglasses, lots of leather, spikes, and an exposed chest (hot!). Expect other costumes as well.

Also promised for the update are new EX figures.

As for the Lost in Nightmares scenario, Famitsu says that in single player, this will run about an hour of game time. You'll encounter a new enemy along the way, a menacing undead guard who roams the underground of Spencer's mansion, the setting of the scenario.

Lost in Nightmares isn't the only scenario, though. The magazine says to expect one additional episode. It doesn't provide specifics.

All this new content will be offered at a budget price of ¥4,990 (for players not used to Japan's ridiculous game pricing, this is pretty low). Capcom is targeting a February 18 release date.

The February 18 date presumably means that Sony's motion controller will be available either on that date or before. Strangely, the Famitsu article makes no mention of motion controls for the game. The information box that accompanies all previews doesn't even mention motion control compatibility. The magazine even has a point by point list of what's different for the new version and doesn't list the motion controls. This is a bit fishy. Let's hope Capcom provides an explanation.

As previously announced, Capcom will be providing the Alternative Edition content as DLC for both Xbox 360 and PS3 players. The DLC list looks like this:

The Lost in Nightmares Episode
Includes the Lost in Nightmares episode, EX figures, and two characters for The Mercenaries Reunion. Priced: ¥500/400MSP.
Costume Pack 1
Includes two costumes, EX figures, and two characters for The Mercenaries Reunion. Priced: ¥200/160MSP.
Additional Episode Title TBA
Includes the unannounced new episode, EX figures, and two The Mercenaries Reunion characters. Priced: ¥500/400MSP.
Costume Pack 2
Includes two costumes, EX figures, and two characters for The Mercenaries Reunion. Priced: ¥200/160MSP.

It's unclear if the "two characters" listed for each piece of DLC are the same (and yes, it would totally suck if they were).

The DLC content will be gradually released starting in March.

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