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Date Set for PSP Comic Service

Required comic reader to be downloadable as part of version 6.20 firmware.


Sony detailed its PSP comic service back at the Tokyo Game Show. Today, it provided specific release and pricing information.

Downloadable comics will join the PlayStation Store library on December 10 under a new "Comics" category. Content will be available at around ¥420 for a full book and between ¥50 and ¥150 for individual chapters. Unlike other PS Store content, the comics are purchased rather than rented.

All varieties of the PSP, from the original PSP-1000 to the just released PSPgo, will be able to access the content.

Users will need to have their firmware updated to System 6.20 (available on November 19). This firmware update will add a new "Extra" column to the PSP's XMB (Cross Media Bar) interface. You'll be able to click on an icon under this column to download the required Comic Reader.

Content is being provided by such publishers as Ascii Mediaworks, Enterbrain, Kadokawa Shoten, Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakkan, Square Enix (yes, they publish comics too), Softbank Creative, Bandai Visual, Bunkasha, Futabasha, Fujimi Shobo, and Hakusensha.

Sony has yet to share an initial lineup for the service.

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