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Game & Watch Offered at Club Nintendo

Platinum members get another killer bonus item. Gold members get... a calendar.


It's the end of 2009, and for Club Nintendo members, that means bonus swag time! As always, Nintendo has some freebies for both Gold and Platinum members.

Platinum Members will get Game & Watch Ball. No, this isn't a DS version of the classic Game & Watch handheld -- it's an actual Game & Watch unit! The new version features the Club Nintendo logo and the ability to toggle sound on and off. Nintendo will be including one CR2032 button battery that can last nine months.

Gold Members will get a 2010 Club Nintendo Calendar. This table calendar includes images of Nintendo's game's lineup on each month. As with past calendars, Nintendo is including schedule stickers in case you decide to commit the unthinkable act of actually using your collectable swag.

There's no need to register to receive these items. Nintendo will automatically send them out to qualified members. The Game & Watch unit will go out in late April. The calendar will ship in mid December.

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