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Eye of Judgment PSP Detailed

Camera-compatible card game goes portable, minus the cards and the cameras.

No need for all the hardware with the PSP version of Eye of Judgment.

A PSP version of The Eye of Judgment was announced in America earlier this year, but we're just now getting the details. The source, as usual, is Famitsu, which offers a first look at the portable version in its latest issue.

Titled The Eye of Judgment: Shintaku no Wizard (roughly, Wizard of the Oracle), the PSP Eye of Judgment game is said to be a port of the PS3 version. The basics rules of play remain the same, with players making use of Creature Cards and Field Cards as they attempt to take control of five of nine spaces on a 3x3 grid. You have access to around 330 cards, including all the cards from the PS3 version (the Set.2 and Set.3 expansions included) and 30 original cards.

There's one big difference here. The PSP entry does away with what were presumably two of the PS3 version's biggest selling points: physical cards and support for the PlayStation Eye camera. The PS3 version used the camera peripheral to scan cards that players physically manipulated on an included play mat. There's no need to lug around a card deck or a camera attachment for the PSP version, as everything is built into the game itself.

On top of the addictive strategy of the original, PSP players can look forward to a newly added story mode. In this mode, players polish their card combat techniques while experiencing a dramatic storyline which follows the Wizard -- the same one from the title -- on a mission to save the world. Joining the Wizard on his journeys is a young female student named Romiri.

Story mode aside, the main focus of Eye of Judgment is on playing against other humans. The PSP version will support both ad-hoc and infrastructure play. Those who go the fully online infrastructure route will be able to have their play results added to online rankings and take part in official tournaments.

The Eye of Judgment will hit PSP in March 2010. Before the final release, Sony will be giving players a chance for a sampling through a demo, set for release in January. The demo version will include ad-hoc support and will have some form of connectivity with the final retail version.

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