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Sony's Mystery PSP Title Revealed

Acquire and PlayStation C.A.M.P! team up again.

Sony's teaser site. The game in question looks just like this.

The last time Acquire teamed up with the budding creative forces of Sony's PlayStation C.A.M.P! development program, we were given the wonderful and bizarre Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!. Acquire is once again working with PlayStation C.A.M.P! developers, and the result look just as bizarre, and will probably be just as wonderful.

First teased via a teaser countdown site last week, the new PSP game is revealed in this week's Famitsu to be 100-man Ton no Bara Bara. The name translates to "One Million Ton Bara Bara." I'm not quite sure how to translate "Bara Bara," but it's a phrase that's used to describe things when they're scattered or broken into pieces.

In this case, the thing that's being broken to pieces is a giant ship -- the same ship that could partly be seen descending from above at the teaser site. The goal of the game is to destroy the massive ship as it descends. The various stages of play consist of unique ships.

Don't feel guilty or anything -- the ships are attempting to destroy your town, so you've got no choice! As the game's story goes, unmanned ships on autopilot fill the skies and occasionally attack the people below. You play as Titori, commander of your city's protection force.

Titori and his forces destroy an invading ship by latching onto its side and attacking as they climb across the ship's hull. As you attack, you create tears in the ship. Make the tear go from one end to the other, and a piece of the ship will fall to the ground below. You clear the stage once you've sliced off a certain amount of the ship.

Of course, Titori isn't free to simply chop away. The ship fights back with missiles, defense droids and other armaments. You have to avoid these as you progress. It also seems that some parts of the ship can't be destroyed. Perhaps you'll have to work your way around these areas?

In his childhood, Titori was the kidnapping victim of an invading ship. Now he's going to have the chance to save similar victims. As you advance across the face of the ship, you'll come across prison cells. Touch the cells, and you'll free the people trapped within. Famitsu hints that the people you save will end up joining your battalion.

One Million Ton Bara Bara has the unique gameplay concept of the game creation process that inspired Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!. It also has a unique visual style. The art style at the teaser site serves as a good representation. During gameplay, the ship spans multiple screens, even though your small battalion of characters, consisting of what appears to be four troops all bunched together, takes up just a few pixels.

This is definitely a title to keep an eye out for as it approaches its 2010 release. The teaser countdown site will come to an end today, so expect to get a first look shortly.

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