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Real VS Gotoku: Yakuza 4's Hostesses

Fans voted on the girls who will appear as hostesses in Yakuza 4. See how their in-game counterparts look.


Long before Yakuza 4 even had a final name, Sega started hyping up one particular aspect of the game: its hostess component.

As with past Yakuza games, you can visit and even manage host clubs. The difference here is that many of the hostesses were selected via a highly publicized open audition. The resulting hostess cast, voted on by fans and announced prior to the Tokyo Game Show, includes everything from girl next door types to real hostesses, and even a porn star (I'm looking -- reluctantly -- at you, Rio!).

Today, Sega provided the latest screenshot update for the game. The focus this time is on the game's play spots, including, of course, the hostess clubs.

These are the in-game versions of the fan voted hostesses.

The real life versions of the girls appeared at the Tokyo Game Show in those same outfits, allowing for some comparison pics:

That's producer Toshihiro Nagoshi in the middle. The girls, from left to right, are Elena Aihara, Noah Mizutani, Maya Mori, Rio, Shizuka Saito, Himeka Kawasaki, and Chihiro Ikki. (I have no idea who the girl to the far right is).

I personally have some issues with some of the modeling. Noah and Maya look pretty close. But everyone else, not so close.

Here are some closer comparison shots:

Pretty close!
Not too bad...
What the!?

When visiting a host club in Yakuza 4 (it appears that this can be done with all four main characters), you'll be able to request one of the seven girls to be your hostess. Or, make use of the game's new "Free System" to enter the shop without specifying a girl. The girls will take turns on you, sometimes even doubling up.

You can buy gifts for the girls. Here's what happens when you buy a green dress for Rio:

Yakuza 4 still has the hostess building system of past Yakuza games, allowing you to create original hostesses if the 7 winning ladies don't do it for you. When entering a club, you can specify one of your own creations, as shown here:

You'll even be able to meet up with the hostesses (both real and created) outside the club for dates. Sega has shared shots of a trip to the onsen with Shizuka.

Or perhaps you'd like to play table tennis with one of the girls? Continue a rally, and you'll reach a "heat state," allowing you to smash the ball into the girl's chest!

Karaoke returns in Yakuza 4 as well, with over 10 songs, including some duets. These can also be performed with the hostesses.

Looks like there'll be a whole lot to do in Yakuza 4 outside of the main scenario. Other mini games shown in today's screenshot update include fishing and pachinko.

Sega confirms that Yakuza 4 will have the highest number of such diversions in series history, but with the little does of reality of having the hostesses modeled after real girls, I have a feeling the hostess component will be the main draw this time around.

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