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Nintendo Kicks Off Paid Video Downloads on Wii Tomorrow

Walt Disney, Warner Home Video, Sesame Workshop and other content providers sign on.


Nintendo will be giving its Wii no Ma video service a big shot of content tomorrow as it kicks off paid video downloads on the service.

The Wii no Ma Channel will be updated tomorrow with a new "Theater no Ma" section. Visit the theater, and you'll be able to access movies, anime and other paid content.

The base Wii no Ma interface (to the left) and the new Theater no Ma.

The content will be downloadable on a rental basis, paid via WiiPoints. Pricing and viewing period will differ based off the content. Some content can be transferred to the DSi for viewing on the go.

Nintendo has equipped the service with search features, allowing content to be browsed by genre, rating, and special features. Prior to buying, interested parties will be able to view free sample clips.

Sample screens of the content interface. Looks like the Kirby anime is one of the available titles.

Nintendo is working with major content providers for the service. The company's press release lists Walt Disney Japan, TV Asahi, NHK, Toei, Pokemon, J League Media Promotion, Howcast Media, Bonus, Yoshimoto Kogyo, Warp Star, Warner Entertainment Japan, Asmik Ace Entertainment, and Sesame Workship.

An exact list of content has yet to be announced. A screenshot of the service appears to list over 100 pieces of content. Another screen shows an episode of the Hoshi no Kirby anime available for rental at 100 WiiPoints.

The Wii no Ma video download channel kicked off back in May, but has thus far provided only paid, sponsored content. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata mentioned plans to take the service to the next step at an investors meeting earlier this month.

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