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Level-5 Gives New Layton Game Red Carpet Premiere

Voice cast joined by Layton, Luke and Akihiro Hino at Tokyo International Forum event.


Professor Layton and the Devil's Flute sees release tomorrow as the fourth game in Level-5's wildly successful mind bending puzzle series. Reason to celebrate? For Level-5, it certainly is, and the Fukuoka developer is doing just that via a big premiere event at the Tokyo International Forum.

The event kicked off at 17:30 with a ten minute red carpet welcome for Layton voice cast Yo Oizumi (Layton), Maki Horikita (Luke), Saki Aibu (Remi), Nao Minamisawa (Yura), and Atsuro Watabe (Death Call).

Layton and Luke arrive on the scene to find a mob of press. The guy behind Luke is removing the plastic cover from the red carpet. Yes, they cover it up until the main guests arrive.
To the right, the line of general audience members wraps around the large Tokyo International Forum plaza. To the left, Luke (Maki Horikita), Layton (Yo Oizumi), and Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino.
Way to cover up Luke's face, Yo!
That's more like it.

Currently, the press and some lucky members of the general public are waiting for the 19:00 start of the main event. Level-5 has filled the large main theater of the Forum to capacity for this event, and they'll be giving everyone a copy of Devil's Flute as a parting gift.

This is just the press area.

Level-5's invite promises a greeting by CEO Akihiro Hino, to be followed by a talk session with the voice actors, and a live performance of the game's ending theme by Yuko Ando.

It's possible that Hino will also touch upon the Layton game to follow Devil's Flute. Titled Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, the game is featured in tomorrow's Weekly Famitsu. Early leaks suggest that Level-5 will be making some big changes to the gameplay systems.

Check back later for more pics of all the beautiful people.

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