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.hack//Link Delayed

Namco Bandai makes up for the month extra wait with a demo and some sweet bonuses.


The January/February game season just got a bit less ridiculous. This week's Famitsu has a report on .hack//Link. While the focus of the report is on a steamy bath scene featuring one of the characters, for those who are blind to anime chicks in towels, the bigger news is a delay for the game. Previously planned for February release, this latest .hack title will now arrive on March 4.

It's not all bad news, though. Famitsu also confirms the availability of a demo. When? Today! The demo will hit PSN, the .hack official site, and Famitsu.com some time tonight. After undergoing a tutorial under the instruction of Kaito, you'll get to play three areas of free adventure with one of two partner characters. Data from the demo will carry over to the retail build.

Also detailed in the Famitsu article are some sweet bonuses that no .hack fan will want to be without. All versions of .hack//Link will include a .hack Digest DVD. This details the story of the .hack series in digest form, covering.hack//, .hack//G.U., and the four anime series.

Make sure you have space on your DVD shelf, as pre-orderers can look forward to a second DVD. Ever wondered what would happen if .hack//G.U. main character Haseo teamed up with Tales of Graces main character Aspel? You'll get a chance to find out with the .hack//Link Special DVD. Content of the DVD is being kept under wraps at present.

Why a tie-up between these two particular characters? Both are voiced by the same voice actor.

While everyone who pre-orders will get the bonus DVD, and everyone who buys will get the digest DVD, Namco Bandai also has something truly special in the works for those who love their .hack and are willing to show it with their yen. A special made-to-order limited box will be released opposite the game's standard edition. This includes a copy of the game, the digest DVD, a special Blu-ray disc, and two art books. The Blu-ray is titled .hack//re-birth Disc. It includes one episode of each of the four anime series, and two campaign OVAs, all in HD. Also included on the disc is a new recording of two "legendary radio programs." Pricing for the box is set at ¥10,479, a ways up from the standard version's ¥6,279.

Older screens of .hack//Link.

You're going to have to wait a bit longer to immerse yourself in .hack again, but it looks like there'll be a whole lot to the experience. In the meanwhile, check PSN later today for the demo.

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