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Square Enix Details Jump Festa Plans

Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest VI Lead the Way


Square Enix is usually the main attraction at the annual Jump Festa event. This year, the company will be pulling in the crowds with such titles as Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Dragon Quest VI.

The current list of Square Enix titles, as shared via a newly opened event site today, looks like this:

  • Cross Treasures (DS, movie, playable)
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PSP, movie, playable)
  • Dragon Quest VI (DS, movie, playable)
  • Star Ocean The Last Hope International (PS3, movie, playable)
  • Dragon Quest IX (DS)
  • Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road (Arcade, movie, playable)
  • Final Fantasy IV (Mobile, playable)
  • Dragon Quest III (Mobile, playable)
  • Kingdom Hearts Mobile (Mobile, movie)
  • Dragon Quest Battle Road Mobile (Mobile)

This is presumably just a preliminary list. It's likely that titles will be added leading up to the event's 12/19 start date.

The Square Enix Jump special site.

Last year, the Square Enix booth offered the first ever playable build of Dragon Quest IX along with the latest trailers for Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Scenes from last year's Square Enix booth.

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