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Harry Potter Hits Wii Video Download Service

WiiWare service gets a major name.


A big shot was fired today in the war (?) of the Wii video-on-demand services. Fujisoft, which runs the WiiWare-based Minna no Theater Wii (Everyone's Theater Wii) service, announced today plans to make available four Harry Potter movies for limited time rental download.

Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets will be available from December 2 through January 31. They will be bundled together for 300 WiiPoints.

Prisoner of Azkaban will be available from December 2 through December 31. Half-Blood Prince, which hits DVD on 12/2, will be available from January 8 through May 7. These two will run 300 WiiPoints each.

While Nintendo has made headlines of late with the start of paid video downloads on its Theater Room channel, Minna no Theater Wii has been available since last year and has offered Hollywood movies since earlier this year. A full movie lineup can be found at the Minna no Theater Wii official site.

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