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First Look: Phalanx WiiWare

Another classic shooter revival.


Remember Phalanx?

Perhaps this will jog your memory:

Yes, the SNES shooter that somehow inspired a graphic designer to put Uncle Jessie on its cover is all set for a revival on WiiWare.

The WiiWare remake of the 1991 shooting classic will feature added stages and elements, along with updated graphics and sound. Gameplay changes include the ability to switch weapons (the original automatically switched your weapon to newly obtained powerups) and selectable speeds for your ship. Zoom has also made available the original X68000 version, selectable from the main menu.

You can see some of what's new in this first promotional video:


Phalanx gets its Wiivival on December 22 at 500 WiiPoints. For a closer look, see the newly opened official site.

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