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Movie Content Hits PlayStation Store

Sony's video store is no longer just for anime.


The Japanese side of Sony's PlayStation Store has offered video downloads since last year. But the content was almost entirely anime, prompting some (well, just me) to call the shop Sony's Anime Store.

Today, the shop became a true video store with the start of availability of movies and other non-anime content from Sony Pictures and Warner Entertainment.

PS3 owners can now rent and buy the latest dramas and Hollywood flicks through Sony's shop. Content pricing is ¥350 to ¥400 for SD rentals, ¥500 to ¥600 for HD rentals, and ¥1,200 to ¥3,500 for SD purchases. HD content will not, at present, be offered for sale.

Most of the currently listed content is offered for both sale an rental, but some is exclusively sales-based. A few pieces of content have staggered sale and rental availability.

HD availability looks extremely limited. Only two titles in Sony's list of upcoming releases have HD versions.

Available today are the six Harry Potter movies, Dark Knight, Demons & Angels, Terminator 4, Goemon, and Ore-atchi Cheer Leader!. Weekly content updates will bring about 2001 Space Odyssey, Beowolf, and Blade Runner directors Cut. Down the road, buyers will have access to even more Batman movies, Cat Woman, Gran Torino, the Oceans series, and the Matrix series.

See Sony's press release for a full release schedule.

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