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Square Enix's Miffy Has DS Connectivity

Download a mini game to your DS in new family-friendly Wii title.


Square Enix has shared a few additional details on its latest totally unexpected Wii game.

As announced yesterday, the company is working on "Miffy's Toy Box," a new Wii adaptation of the popular Miffy picture books. The game offers parents and kids a chance to get together for 25 mini games. As the game features full voice, children who can't yet read can play too.

New details not shared in yesterday's unveiling include the ability for parents to set an alarm. After a set time, the alarm will go off, alerting kids that they've played too much.

The game also has DS connectivity. DS owners can download a painting mini game to the portable. Once you've finished your drawing, you can send it back to your Wii for saving.

This latest adaptation of Miffy is a full retail release. It hits game shops on March 18 at ¥5,800.

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