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Final Fantasy VII's Zack Appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Plus, details on the D-Link system and Mickey's latest appearance.

The latest Kingdom Hearts game hits in early January.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep will mark the series debut for a Final Fantasy VII character who's risen in prominence in recent years. This week's issue of Shounen Weekly Jump has a first look at Zack in all new Disney stylings.

Zack is the powerful soldier from Cloud's flashback scenes in FFVII (the guy who got to get it on with Aerith). He served as main character in PSP's Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

In Birth by Sleep, he will appear in Olympic Colosseum as a lone soldier. He's undergoing training in order to max out his strength.

Screenshots show Zack in a faceoff with main character Tera in an Olympic Colosseum tournament. In contrast, Zack appears to be on good terms with main character Ventus.

As for his relationship with main character Aqua, Jump instead provides a look at Aqua's dealings with a Kingdom Hearts mainstay: the King, aka Mickey Mouse! Mickey, apparently out patrolling the world, appears in the paradise-like Radiant Garden, where he helps Aqua out of a pinch.

This week's issue also has a glimpse at BbS's D-Link (Dimension Link) system. When meeting up with various characters around the world, you'll be able to make use of linked skills known as D-Links. Tera's D-Link with Zack is Heroes Pride, which sends out a wave from his key blade. Aqua's D-Link with Mickey is Holy Blast, a string of sphere blasts loaded with Holy magic.

When playing the game with friends over wireless, you'll get to use the D-Link system to make use of the skills that your friends have set. This means that weaker players will be able to access powerful skills.

Jump promises more details on the Birth by Sleep multiplayer mode in V Jump later this month.

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