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Lufia Remake Goes Playable at Jump Festa

Square Enix's updated show plans hint at no Closed Mega Theater this year.

Lufia DS, playable at Jump.

Square Enix's Jump Festa lineup, announced last week, wasn't all that impressive. But sure enough, the lineup is getting some additional heavy hitters.

The newest addition is Estpolis. The recently announced DS remake of Lufia II will be on playable display at the show, Square Enix announced today. Those who sample the game will get an original patch as a gift.

This original patch gift appears to be a common theme at Square Enix's booth. The Star Ocean Last Hope International info page was updated today with information about an original patch for those who demo the game.

Square Enix also shared today a show floor map:

Most of the map should be readable to non Japanese readers. The area below the Square Enix Mobile section is "information." The section between Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road is "Dragon Quest Special Stage."

A bit alarmingly, there's no space for the annual Closed Mega Theater. Perhaps Square Enix will be forgoing this, similar to the Tokyo Game Show. Of course, at that event, the company did manage to have something similar to a Closed Mega Theater showcase, offering a first glimpse at Final Fantasy Versus XIII gameplay.

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