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Chinese DSi Comes With Nintendogs Built In

Nintendo readying hardware revision for Chinese market.


It's a slow news day here in Japan. My probation requires that I write a certain number of stories regardless of freak information voids, so I'm going to fill in the gap by writing about something outside of the Japanese market.

Hey, guess what? Nintendo's Nintendogs is going all digital. Chinese players will have access to a digital version of the pet sim that sold a billion DS systems.

As reported today at Inside Games, the upcoming Chinese version of the DSi will ship with Nintendogs built in.

It's unclear if this is a full version of Nintendogs or if it's just a sampler with one or two pups. I don't know nothing about no Chinese, so maybe someone with the kanji skills can confirm at the official Chinese DSi page.

In China, DSi will carry the name iQue DSi. Like other Nintendo product, the system will be released in the mainland through iQue.

That release happens on December 15 and will be accompanied by Chinese versions of a bunch of DSiware releases. See the official site's DSiware product page for a full list. Similar to a Nintendo Japan promotion, iQue will be giving Chinese buyers 1000 DSi Points to start off their downloads.

You can celebrate the impending arrival of the DSi in China with some Chinese Nintendogs wallpapers.

Previously, Nikkei reported that the Chinese version of the DSi would have improved security measures designed to combat piracy.

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