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So Why Isn't Valkyria Chronicles 2 on PS3?

Yeah, why isn't it? Huh?


In today's post at the Valkyria Chronicles 2 official blog series chief producer Shuntaro Tanaka fields a question that he probably gets whenever insane fanboys see him on the train: "Why is VC2 on PSP and not PS3?" He gives a couple of reasons in the post and also hints that the series is not yet done on PS3.

First off, the staff wanted to get out a sequel without too much of a gap. It took about three years to make the original. Even when considering their increased knowhow and base of resources for making the sequel, they'd still have to make improvements, which could increase development time. The anime had just hit, and they wanted to release a new title before it was forgotten.

He adds that he doesn't really have a comeback for those who say, "This is the same Sega that releases a new Yakuza!" (Oh snap?)

The second reason -- and this is something I'm pretty sure he's mentioned in the past -- is that the staff wanted to increase exposure for the series. They conducted surveys of players of the original and found that the game was reaching a higher than expected age group and a male audience of an amazing 95%! In order to continue and expand the series beyond this aging sausage fest, they needed to keep the fans of the original while also bringing in new fans. On the PSP, they would be able to show the game's charms to more people.

To make sure there's no misunderstanding, he adds that fans of the original will still be fully satisfied with the sequel.

This may not necessarily be the end for the Valkyria Chronicles series on PS3. "My personal ideal vision is to develop Valkyria Chronicles on both PSP and PS3. We definitely want to make games on the high end PS3 as well."

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