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First look: Jupiter's Second DSiware Game

A new puzzle game from the maker of Mario Picross and Spectrobes.


Jupiter's first DSiware game had an extremely long title which included some Japanese dude's name. The studio's next DSiware game is much easier to pronounce.

"Panewa" is a block-based puzzle game. Presented with a screen full of red, blue, and yellow blocks, you flip the blocks around in order to create a loop consisting of a single color. All blocks inside the loop then disappear. It's possible to combo your loop carnage for higher scores.

The game includes three modes of play. In Normal Mode, you aim for the high score while clearing panels within a time limit. Tsume Panewa offers 50 puzzles where you clear all the panels on the screen in a limited number of moves. Story Mode take you through a story that's set in Kyoto.

Panewa hits DSiware on December 16 at 500 DSi Points. Visit the official site for a closer look at the characters, and some wallpaper downloads.

Kyoto-based Jupiter is known for its work with Nintendo on Mario Picross, Square Enix on Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, and Disney on Spectrobes. With these DSiware offerings, the studio is taking its first steps into the self publishing world.

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