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Konami Brings Original Rhythm Game to DS

Touch and sing. And that's really all we know at the moment.


Konami's latest rhythm game is titled Utacchi. Here's the logo.

I see frogs, musical notes, stars, hearts and rainbows. I think there's even a stylus in there (above the first yellow character).

The name "Utacchi" combines the Japanese word for song, "Uta," with the Japanese word for touching things, "Touch" (even old people know that one!).

As detailed at the newly opened product info page, Utacchi is a new rhythm game where you touch something named "Tacchii" in synch with music. You can also play by singing. And you can do it all in multiplayer, apparently, as the game supports up to four players.

Vague enough for you? Konami actually hasn't shared any details on Utacchi outside of the product page. For the record, Konami announces games in this fashion quite often.

Utacchi hits DS on February 25 at ¥5,250.

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