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These are the Optimal TVs for Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix posts a TV buyers guide at the FFXIII official site.


The PS3 is expected to benefit from an upcoming surge in high definition television adoption. It's also expected to benefit from the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIII.

Math types are probably wondering if a connection can be drawn between FFXIII and HD TVs. The answer was provided yesterday as Square Enix updated the FFXIII official site with an HD TV buyers guide.

The guide, accessible under the site's "Special" section, is based off an article that appeared in a November issue of Famitsu (that's why the Famitsu logo is at the top). It provides basic knowledge for the HD buyer, including the difference between LCD and plasma, 720p and 1080p, and HDMI and D-cable. It also gives suggested models in four categories: High Cost Performance (for people on a budget), Standard Type (for those wanting greater functionality at a price), PC monitor types, and High End Type.

You want my personal recommendation? Of course you do! I don't know if it's any good for games or not, but my brother in-law recently got one of those Samsung LED TVs. If you have the bucks, your television viewing experience will never be the same!

(I personally don't have the bucks, so I'll be playing FFXIII on my Hitachi 26 inch. I bought it four years ago when LCD TVs that size still cost $2,500. The Don Quixoti near my place was discounting it to half price to make room for the new models. Deal!).

In addition to the TV buyers guide, the Special section of the site has seen a number of other updates over the past few days.

A "Book" section was recently added, showing some of what players can look forward to when they want to read about FFXIII rather than play it.

I've written about most of the books in past updates, but here's a recap with a few additional details:

Final fantasy XIII World Preview
Set for release on December 10 (tomorrow -- yikes!) at ¥800, this 160 page size AB book is, according to Square Enix, the game's official preview book. It includes information on characters, story, battle system and other ares that you'll want to know before playing. Also included are messages from the FFXIII staff. As a bonus, the book also has previews of the first and second chapters of the FFXIII Episode Zero Promise book (see below).
Final Fantasy XIII Post Card Book
This hard cover size B6 book is set for December 17 release at ¥1,260. It includes post card conversions of CG and illustrations, complete with dialogue lines. I have no idea what a "post card book" is, but I presume you'll be able to actually use the post cards if you want (although if you do, I'll have to go over there and bust your ass).
Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Promise
Set for release on December 24 at ¥1,470, this hard cover book is a print version of the FFXIII prologue novel that has been slowly doled out at the official site. In addition to the Encounter, Friends, and Treasure volumes that are now available online, you'll find four additional volumes. The official site doesn't have space for the additional volumes, so those wanting to know the full FFXIII back story will presumably have to go the print route.
Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania
Two Ultimania guides are due for release on January 28. Scenario Ultimania goes for ¥1,575. Battle Ultimania goes for ¥1,680. A multi release Ultimania is standard practice for major Square Enix titles -- and totally justified too, as these things tend to be thick as a phone book.

The special section also has a guide for FFXIII television specials. FFXIII is going to be featured on TV heavily in the coming weeks. There's a Final Fantasy Academy show hosted by Yama-chan and Non-chan, a special program hosted by the voice actor for Sazh, and a bunch of general programs which will have segments on FFXIII. One of them is the yearly year-end special for Game Center CX.

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