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EA Cans Love Sim With the Chubby Girl

EA love sim, huh-wha-huh?


Remember Hachi Koi?

Does this jog your memory?

How about this?

Yes, it's the love sim where one of the target girls just happens to be a bit large proportioned.

It's also the love sim that's coming out from EA, which is why I wrote about it last December.

I'm writing about it a year later because it's still not out, and it's apparently been cancelled. Game Jouhou's flying get Famitsu coverage today lists the game among titles listed as cancelled in the magazine's release list. For the record, it's joined by Tornado (Success, DS), shitty PSP pachinko game (AQ Interactive, PSP), and Grand Slam Tennis (EA, PS3/360).

The Hachi Koi official site is packed with details about the game, along with movies. Assuming Game Jouhou got its Hachis and Kois straight (my field agent won't have Famitsu for a bit, so I can't verify), this cancelation would be somewhat of a surprise.

While it's still there, be sure and visit the character profile section of the official site. Watch what happens when you feed Kurumi-chan.

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