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Sunsoft Acquires Rights to Cosmic Fantasy, Valis and other Telnet Properties

Classic titles to be brought to Virtual Console and other platforms.


Sunsoft announced today that it has acquired the rights to Nihon Telnet's backlog of over 100 titles. Nihon Telnet shut down in 2007.

The backlog of titles includes such series as Valis, Exile, El Viento, Earnest Evans, and Cosmic Fantasy. Overseas players will recognize some of the properties as having seen release under the Renovation brand, and later through Working Designs.

Sunsoft says that it plans on making full use of the newly acquired IPs for internal contents, and is also open to licensing the properties to other companies. It hopes to expand each title while preserving the brand quality.

The company did not share specific title announcements in its Japanese press release. However, an English release promises versions of the original Telnet titles on Virtual Console and other platforms. Plans also include new developments for key titles and remakes.

In the North American market, Sunsoft will be working with America's Gaijinworks for the promotion of its games. You can read more about the North American plans at the Sunsoft Games official site.

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