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Nintendo Details Jump Plans

Company has just one title on display at next week's big show.


Nintendo has opened its own special site for next week's Jump Festa event. Go there to see the company's full lineup of titles.

Actually, there's no need to visit the site. All you need to see can be seen right here:

As suggested in an update from show organizer Shueisha a few weeks back, Nintendo will have just one game in its booth: New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Visitors to the Nintendo booth will be able to sample a few courses in one to four player mode. Additionally, Nintendo will host a Coin Battle tournament for four. The winners of this will get some undisclosed prizes.

Even though New Super Mario Bros. is already out and in the possession of around 1% of the entire Japanese populace, there may be good reason to give it a play at Jump. Nintendo will be handing out some form of bonus swag to those who wait in line for a try. As with the tournament prize, the company has yet to detail this item.

Having just one title may be a bit disappointing, but it's not unexpected. At the World Hobby Fair this past Summer, Nintendo managed to have one of the largest, most visited booths despite showing off only Wii Sports Resort.

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