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Square Enix Offers FFXIII and Kingdom Hearts Christmas Cards at Jump

Double the cards for double the fun!


One of Square Enix's long running traditions at the annual Jump Festa event is to give visitors to its booth a special set of Christmas cards. Past sets have included holiday-themed post cards with artwork from Square Enix's upcoming games.

This year, there's a slight change to the promotion. Instead of one set of cards, attendees can look forward to two sets.

Square Enix will offer Final Fantasy XIII version and Kingdom Heart Birth by Sleep versions of the cards. The fifteen cards inside the packs are the same, but the artwork on the outside differs.

Visitors will have to go to different areas of the booth to obtain the different sets. The Birth by Sleep set will be distributed exclusively at the Birth by Sleep demo area. The FFXIII set will be distributed in the other areas: Dragon Quest VI, Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road II, Cross Treasures, Star Ocean 4, Estpolis, Dragon Quest III (mobile), and Final Fantasy IV (mobile).

This year's Jump Festa will be held on December 19 and 20 at Makuhari Messe just outside of Tokyo.

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