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End of Eternity Demo Hits Before Christmas

Sample the new t.A.B system. Do it multiple times for new costumes and higher difficulty!

Why is Zaphyr upside down? Find out when you try the t.A.B system next week!

Want to find out what End of Eternity's new t.A.B battle system is all about? You'll get a chance just in time for Christmas as Sega and developer tri-Ace make available a demo for the game.

The End of Eternty demo will be available for download on Xbox Live and PSN on the 22nd. As always, the 360 version will be Gold-only for the first week.

Titled "Playable t.A.B Demo," the demo will allow players to work through a dungeon and sample the battle system. Clear the dungeon repeatedly, and the difficulty will rise and your characters' costumes will change.

The demo will include a Newcomer Mode, which targets beginner players with adjusted character abilities and a guide to the basics of the battle system. This is apparently something that's not included in the final build of the game.

For those keeping tab (hee-hee-hee) at home, the demos clock in at 683MB for the PS3 version and 609MB for the Xbox 360 version.

End of Eternity, known overseas as Resonance of Fate, will be released here on January 28.

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