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First Look: Tales of Graces Meets Idol Master

This week's download content, and how it compares to the original.


Famitsu got the first word this past week on the upcoming Idol Master costumes for Tales of Graces. Namco Bandai has at long last shared a close look with the media at large.

Set for release on 12/16 at 13:00, the new costumes turn the Tales of Graces characters into the girls from Idol Masters Dearly Stars, the DS entry in the series from earlier this year. Three costumes will be available, converting Sophie into Eri, Pascal into Ai, and Cheria into Ryo (who, you'll recall, was actually revealed to be a little boy dressing up like a girl).

Namco Bandai was good enough to provide shots of the Graces girls wearing the new costumes and posing like their Idol Master equivalents, allowing us to compare:

Or, together:

In game, the costumes look a little something like this:

Each costume runs 400 WiiPoints. There's some incentive to buy all three. Turn all three girls into idol form, and you'll get a special win pose:

Poor Aspel. He doesn't have what it takes to be an Idol Master.

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