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This is what the Last Ranker staff looks like playing their own game

Capcom teases this week's Jump Festa demo.


What's the next best thing to attending this weekend's Jump Festa event and playing Last Ranker for yourself? How about seeing the game's staff play it?

Hello? Still there?

Capcom gave visitors to the Last Ranker official site that opportunity in an update that looks a little something like this:

The text says that on December 8, Capcom held an internal demo event for staff in anticipation of Last Ranker's Jump Festa debut.

Playing the Jump demo made the staff say such things as "Wow! They're saying a lot of lines!" and "Battles! are like this?!" and "I defeated a Ranker with Power Edge" and "Should we really be showing all this?!"

The staff apparently enjoyed the demo so much that Capcom had to extend the demo event from its original plan of 1 hour to 2 hours.

Hopefully the wait to play at Jump won't be that long.

(Although I'm certain it will be a lot longer.)

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