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Etrian Oddyssey III Gets a Dev Blog

Director Shigeo Komori discusses the change in direction taken for the sequel.


The Etrian Odyssey III official site went live today but contained absolutely nothing new on the recently announced DS sequel. Visit the site for yourself here. Aside from the trailer clip that was posted at Famitsu.com yesterday, there is no content at the site. Sections for Story, Character, System, and Special are currently inactive.

At the bottom left, there's a link to a developers blog for the game. The first post at the blog has a bit of pertinent commentary from director Shigeo Komori.

Komori reveals that planning for the new title first began towards the end of 2007, after Etrian Odyssey II went gold. With part II, the staff tried to make the game that players expected. For part III, Komori felt that taking the same direction wouldn't work, and thus development proceeded with the idea of giving users a fresh experience.

It looks like development on the game is nearing completion (this isn't too surprising, considering it hits retail in March). According to Komori, the staff is dedicating their time to debugging. He believes they've created a fun, and tough, game that will meet fan expectations.

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