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Zeebra Returns for Yakuza 4 Theme Song

Second collaboration with major hip hop star.


Hip hop star Zeebra will be teaming up with Sega once again for the Yakuza series. Sega announced today that Zeebra and other recording stars will perform the theme song for Yakuza 4, which hits PS3 on March 18.

The theme song's name is "Butterfly City Feat. Ryo the Skywalker & Mummy D." As the lengthy name might imply, Sega has drafted multiple artists for the theme song. Matching Yakuza 4's four main characters, the theme song is an original work from four artists: Zeebra, Mummy-D, Ryo the Skywalker, and DJ Hasebe a.k.a Old Nick.

A release for the theme song will precede Yakuza 4's release by one day on March 17.

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